Payroll Outsourcing Mistakes that people are making


Many people make big mistakes when they choosing payroll outsourcing companies for their businesses. So many business owners don’t really consider everything before they choose the payroll outsourcing company for their business. Here’s some of the mistakes people are making, when they choosing outsourcing companies.

The right qualifications

The most important thing that business owners doesn’t know, is the fact that payroll outsourcing companies like needs to be a registered BAS agent.

However, so many outsourcing companies aren’t registered as a BAS agent. This is the one thing that any business owner should make sure off. It is highly recommended that business owners should only make use of outsourcing companies that are BAS registered. Ask for the BAS certification before you hire any company as your payroll outsourcing company.

Still doing all the work, after hiring an outsourcing company

There’s many payroll outsourcing companies out there that’s not really legit and real. So many business owners making the mistake to hire an outsourcing company to manage all the payroll aspects for the business, but at the end of the day, the owner is still doing all the work.

It is best to make sure that the company that you’re going to hire, offers a full service. You don’t want to hire someone for doing payroll services, but you’re still doing most of the work. Then, you are just wasting your money.

Not researching the company’s reliability

The one thing that so many owners are doing, that really putting a company at risk, is by not making sure that the payroll outsourcing company that they going to hire, is really a legit and trustworthy company.

You as the business owner should realize that you’re giving basically all your business’s money for the company to manage. And, so many of these companies are not managing the money very well, and some are even stealing money without anyone knowing about it. No business should hire a payroll outsourcing company without researching everything that there are to know about the outsourcing company. Your business’s future depends on this.

The company not having a secure online access

Even if we like it or not, hackers and data thieves are out there, and always looking for easy ways to make money. If you’re making use of a payroll outsourcing company, you need to make sure that this company has a secure online access that’s safe and private.

If such an important company doesn’t secure their online access, you might need to look for another company. This is one of the biggest mistakes that business owners are making. With using a company without a secure online access, can result in losing money.

When it comes to outsourcing your payroll, you need to make sure that you’re only using the best possible company for the job. You can’t just use any company and think that your business are in good hands. Don’t make the same mistakes like so many other businesses, when they are choosing the best possible payroll outsourcing company for your business.

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Part-Timers Are Not “Coverage”


Many experts believe that within a few years the U.S. will face a shortfall of 10 million workers, mostly in the frontline service sector. As a result, it is predicted that it will be increasingly more difficult to find employees willing to work for minimum wage or slightly more. There is good news though. More and more part-time workers will be available, thanks to changing beliefs, values, work and job preferences, social needs and retirees who don’t want to retire.

The biggest problem faced by this increasingly important group of workers, is the attitudes of their bosses, managers and full-time co-workers, who too often regard the part-timers contributions to the work-place as insignificant. Yes, part-timers are made to feel insignificant when in fact, the opposite is true. Our research reveals that part-timers’ performance scores are approximately 30% higher than full-timers’. Part-timers also show a higher energy level, do not get bored as easily, and are less likely to get caught up in work-place politics. After all, they simply have less time to develop these less desirable habits.

Full-Time Appreciation
To tap this resource and prevent disengagement among highly productive part-timers, you must first view them as genuine contributors to the company. Here are some suggestions to improve the quality of work you get from your part-timers:

  1. Review your company policies. Reacquaint yourself with policy regarding part-timers’ pay, benefits, schedules and other areas where you may be hanging on to “sacred cows.” Look at part-timers from a fresh viewpoint – mainly from a generational viewpoint. Don’t merely focus on young workers – high school and college students. Also consider the aging baby boomers, and the 60 and older population – the “not-retirement-ready” workers. Flexibility and a sense of accomplishment are extremely important to this group.
  2. Show respect for part-timers. Just because they work part-time doesn’t mean they should be relegated to positions that are unimportant, and delegated tasks nobody else wants. Many part-timers build solid relationships with customers – sometimes to the point where customers will only shop during the hours when they work. Give part-timers flexibility in scheduling appointments with customers outside of their normal working hours. This helps build customer loyalty and profitability. Yes, the scheduling may take a little more maneuvering, but you will see valuable results in the end.
  3. Provide guidance and education. Do not exclude part-timers from training sessions and meetings. Many will voluntarily listen to educational tapes and study training manuals to become better at their jobs. Encourage them to participate in meetings and offer ideas and recommendations. Give them an opportunity.
  4. Acknowledge their temporary status. It’s no secret that many part-timers will be with you temporarily. Bring this out in the open. Explain that while they may be with you for only a brief time, you will provide them with learning opportunities to help them achieve their goals. All you ask in return is that they be responsible, attentive and give you their best.
  5. Partner a full-timer with a part-timer. Ask a full-timer to communicate any news, important information, policy changes, meeting notes and general correspondence to the part-timer. Reward the full-time person for this responsibility.
  6. Touch base regularly with your part-timers. Build a relationship. Do this every other week or at least a minimum of once a month. Find out how they are doing, and offer feedback. The time you spend with part-timers will be noticed by full-timers, and will send the important message that you consider part-timers to be important employees – valuable workers that are worthy of your time.
  7. Recognize and value seniors who work part-time. Many older employees bring vast experience with them. Many were managers and leaders in their pre-retirement days. Ask them to become mentors. Ask for their advice. Make them feel important. Everyone will benefit.

Part-time workers are becoming a more important component in the workplace. Managers must learn to treat them as genuine contributors to the company in order to keep them engaged.

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Productive employees . . . born or made?


How do you know if you have a good person-to-position match-up? The obvious answer would be a happy, productive, engaged and motivated employee. If this is so simple then why are so many employees and employers unhappy with each other? The answer to this question begins with the employer’s awareness of the employees’ natural behavior and communication preferences. This awareness stems from believing that each employee is a unique individual with natural talents and abilities, and with one important common need: to be happy.

Matching people to jobs enables you to reduce the amount of “training” that an individual needs to get them up to speed in their job. Different products demand different behaviors to be successful in selling them and in relating to the customer buying them. High priced fashion apparel requires a totally different behavior than children’s clothing. As does selling shoes compared to selling intimate apparel. Don’t forget to put into this equation the company culture—what I call “company behavior.” Victoria’s Secret is NOT Gap or vice-versa.

This is also not just about skills and knowledge. Some of the most knowledgeable salespeople can’t meet their goals. Why? They don’t have a value and belief system to support and justify what they are selling. And here’s where understanding values and beliefs in conjunction with behaviors rounds out the picture and provides you an “MRI” into the employee or applicant.

To determine an applicant’s or a current employee’s behavior preferences you begin by asking the person to complete a simple 15 minute online assessment. After completion, a behavior profile report is then generated. A behavior profile is not a complete indicator of a person’s suitability to the job or to the organization. Rather it serves as a signpost directing you to dig deeper and profile that person’s underlying beliefs and values – the true motivators of success and failure.

People today are sophisticated, savvy, and street smart. Whether they have degrees or not they are educated. They can’t help but be. Survival today depends on wit. Wit comes from witnessing – watching and being. Too much is out there not to notice. This developed seventh sense is like a search engine. It zeros in and finds exactly what is needed at the moment, for the moment. In an interview this search engine hones in on the interviewer and determines quite quickly what is needed. The responses that follow may or may not be true – but they sure can be accurate. Stories and examples are many from managers who were “bamboozled” by applicants that were too good to be true. They were.

When you clearly know yourself, know your organization, know your employees, productivity and profitability are the natural outcomes.


Retention… At What Cost?


I’m noticing a perilous situation in businesses. Employers are apprehensive of calling people to task and holding them accountable, even fearful of reprimanding poor performance. Managers are frequently ignoring behaviors, which in the past would be deemed unacceptable. As a result, employees are sensing they can “get away with things”. This is a result of the growing problem of talent shortage.

Here are some interesting discoveries from our recent research on employee engagement:

  • 92% say their company does not deal with poor performers
  • 44% leave their jobs due to co-workers disengagement

In my book “I Quit But Forgot To Tell You” I cite numerous examples of the effects of disengagement on customers – on managers – on productive employees. 76% of managers admit their single greatest challenge is low productivity. I believe it’s time to take action. As the commercial says, “This is not a going problem – it’s a growing problem”.

I observed an interesting scenario while checking into a major chain hotel recently. A front desk employee decided he couldn’t deal with all the customer requests, expectations, and rudeness. He called the front desk manager over and announced he was leaving. The manager, ignoring the line of check-ins, took the employee over to a couch in the corner of the lobby and spent over an hour talking with the employee – in essence trying to convince him to stay – I know because I eavesdropped and apparently this wasn’t the first time this has happened. Meanwhile one front desk person was left to deal with the growing line of frustrated guests.

There are 3 separate – yet connected – issues here.

  1. The employee that is apparently leaving.
  2. The negative message sent to the customers with only one front desk person left to handle the job.
  3. The front desk manager.

Some things to ponder: What would have been the correct way to deal with this? What could the manager have done to temporarily calm the disgruntled employee and also help service the line of guests? Or was this employee so self-centered and cared so little about the customers and the organization? Are managers so afraid to make the right decision when it comes to disengaged employees? Continue reading this if you need more info!

More from our research. It takes the average boss between 9 to12 months to fire a disengaged worker. Why?

I believe management needs to be tough but fair:

  • Hold people accountable
  • Define these accountabilities – get consensus early on in the job not one year later during a performance review
  • Address poor performance immediately and set specific time frames for improvement
  • Spend more time with your star performers than you do with poor performers
  • Involve star performers in areas of the business they may not be involved in routinely
  • Hire only those who match your culture and the specific job/position benchmark

People want to grow and develop. Provide this “greenhouse”. Eliminate the dead and dying plants that suck up the oxygen and screw up your eco system.


Professional Payroll Services Vs Payroll Software – What Do You Need To Know

Professional Payroll Services Vs Payroll Software – What Do You Need To Know

Payroll services Australia is always going to be important but for thousands of business owners, they don’t understand what they need. Now, payroll isn’t actually a simple matter to deal with as there are lots of rules and regulations surrounding it. However, when you have employees on your books you need to choose the very best payroll option. Though, there are a few options to consider but what will be the best for you?

What Are In-House Payroll Services?

In-house payroll services are very popular for most businesses as it means there is less hassle about sending materials off. In-house payroll is handled by an in-house accountant usually and they deal with all financial matters with the payroll. They keep records and handle everything from federal taxes to medical and pension payments. However, this can at times cost a little more since you are hiring a full-time employee but for larger businesses with lots of employees, this is needed since it is a full-time requirement.

Professional Payroll Services Vs Payroll Software – What Do You Need To Know

Outsourced Payroll

Outsourced is very simple, the payroll services Australia are outsourced to a company who can handle all matters with the payroll. They have the same functions as an in-house service with a few exceptions. For a start, the company works remotely and outside of the company meaning the costs may be a little lower. However, the payroll duties remain the same.

In-House Or Outsourced – What Does Your Company Need?

Both in-house and outsourced payroll services can be great but they don’t always work for everyone. For example, your company might not be comfortable outsourcing the payroll matters to someone outside the company; then again, some who have always outsourced may not think about in-house. Also visit this link for extra information. The truth is that you need to think very carefully about what your company actually needs and wants. Yes, one option might look better than the other but if it doesn’t suit your business; it isn’t going to work out.

The Differences In Price Between In and Out-House

There are however, big differences between in-house payroll and outsourced payroll services. The biggest difference is usually the price because since outsourced services don’t work as full-time employees, they don’t require a full-time wage packet. However, outsourced doesn’t always ensure you have full access to the data when you need to as it can be stored on their own servers. In-house payroll services Australia can be good however and if you ever need access its available; and the costs aren’t too expensive.

Forget What’s Cheapest, Opt For What’s Right For Your Company

However, too many people don’t consider what their company actually needs before choosing a payroll service. Many choose the cheapest payroll option, whether its in-house payroll software or outsourcing. However, jumping like this is never a good idea and it can actually cost your company money to correct errors that occur. If you need more information you can visit this website. You really must take the time to find out what payroll services are available to you and what will work best also otherwise you’re going to run into a lot of problems.


Payroll Taxes Vs Employment Taxes, What’s The Difference?


Payroll services cover a great deal of factors, though there are still issues that many struggle to deal with. One of the biggest problems for most has to be understanding the differences between employment tax and payroll tax. Now, these are actually very similar in terms but they could not be further away from one another. Confused, don’t be because they are actually very simple to understand once you know about them. So, what are the differences between payroll taxes and employment taxes?

Employment Taxes Explained

Employment taxes are simply what moneys or income tax is withheld from employees. However, the taxes will be matched in amounts by the employer so that it is an equal amount. This can be very confusing so just think about it as income tax that the company holds to pay the Inland Revenue Service what its due. Payroll services usually help deal with this issue.

Payroll Taxes Explained

Payroll taxes cover social security taxes, also Medicare taxes. These taxes are held from the employee and again the employers match the payment amount and it is paid once again to the Federal Government. Find out more about this issue here.

Knowing the Difference Is Important

It doesn’t matter if you have a small business or are an employee, you should always know and understand what the differences are between payroll taxes and employment taxes. These are two very different things but they are equally important for everyone; these are taxes that must be paid by all those working and earning over certain amounts. However, if you own a business the payroll services should be able to handle employment tax issues.

Are These Taxes Necessary?

Most people can believe taxes aren’t that important but they are. For a start, those who are unable to work or find employment relies on social security to help them survive and of course, provide medical care as well. These taxes help those who are less fortunate and you never know when you yourself might need some government assistance. These are crucial taxes and for most businesses, payroll services should be able to handle all matters concerning them.

Will Payroll Services Deal With All Tax Issues?

Payroll taxes aren’t actually handled by the payroll staff but they will handle employment tax. This is important to remember because they should be the people to get most things sorted out when starting up a new business. Of course, you can never take a chance when it comes to dealing with taxes and you should always seek the help and advice of a professional tax accountant and financial adviser.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Clarity

At times, issues about tax and financial matters can always be confusing. These are tough problems to crack and they often come with a lot of uncertainty and confusion. However, if you need to get more answers about tax matters, whether its employment, payroll or any other kind of tax issue, you should seek clarity. Check out this post for more information:


Top 7 Questions about QuickBooks Payroll Online

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Payroll outsourcing has fast become very popular for many businesses around the world. Large and small businesses always need that extra help when it comes to payroll because, let’s face it; this is the one area that has to run to clockwork. However, more and more people are using QuickBooks Online Payroll as their ground for paying the employees. It is being used more often and it has become very useful as well.

Is It Possible To Manage Payroll For My Company With QuickBooks?

Anyone can use QuickBooks to help manage their payroll. In fact, there are many options available here when it comes to dealing with payroll services. Firstly, you could choose payroll outsourcing and use the data from the person or company doing the payroll and input it into QuickBooks; or you can add the data whenever you need to yourself. Depending on how you manage the payroll within your company, QuickBooks can manage payroll easily.

Can Payroll Be Processed Online?

Processing the payroll can be easily done online because of its secure portal. Anyone can go online and access QuickBooks online whenever they need to and process payments or add data. It doesn’t matter if your company outsources the payroll outside the company, the data can still be added to the system and can be processed online as well. If you would like to find out more information.

Is There A Limit To How Many Employees Can Be Paid With The Online Payroll System?

For those using the QuickBooks Online Payroll system, it is possible to process the payments for anything from zero to one hundred. However, there technically isn’t a limit of one hundred but anything more than that may cause problems with the online system. Though, this is perfect for the smaller companies who don’t have a huge backroom of staff. If you have chosen the payroll outsourcing route, you don’t have to worry about the limits because the freelancer or company can deal with any and all problems.

Can Payroll Outsourcing Services Use QuickBooks Online Payroll And Is It Difficult To Use?

Anyone can in fact use this service without any real difficulty. It is very simple to use the QuickBooks Online Payroll once you know what you’re doing of course. Everything is set up in minutes and the only thing you have to worry about in typing in the correct working hours for each employee at the end of the month. The system does everything else for you; and even if you outsource, they can use the system also. can help you find out more.

Will I Need To Update Tax Rates?

The people behind the system are the ones who help run the program and make all necessary updates which means you do not. There is no need to worry about making changes to the system. Payroll outsourcing companies don’t even need to make any changes because they are usually done automatically when tax withholding rates change.

Can I Use Direct Deposit?

If you wish to use direct deposit and pay your employees, which is possible to do as well. Direct deposit is available for QuickBooks Payroll Online services and there is no hard work involved. This means you don’t have to worry about writing out checks and the employees know that at the end of the week or month, they will have their money in their account without delay.

Is It Possible To Pay Taxes?

You can in fact use QuickBooks to pay any necessary federal or state taxes. There are ways in which you can do so which means if you want to pay taxes via this method you can. The system is set up for anyone to do so. It can be a time saver and even if you are using payroll outsourcing services, it can still be used.

Will QuickBooks Be For You?

In business, there are going to be dozens of tools that could help; but it seems QuickBooks payroll service is a useful service to have. You may not want to choose this and that is fine, however, it is still a good service to use and for those interested, it might save a lot of time and effort later. This video will explaine more for you about Quickbooks payroll online.


Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From a Payroll Blog

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A payroll service within a company can be one of the most vital areas, yet when businesses hear the word blog, they assume it can only help increase their voice online. That isn’t exactly true because while your company can stretch out a voice and gain more attention, it can also help the company. Payroll blogs and blogs talking all about payroll services and techniques can help your company. These blogs can actually help give out valuable tips to help keep the business up and running and help the payroll go without a hitch.

Reaching More People

Blogs are great in many ways and one of the key factors for your company would be to offer up some advice of your own. Now, this could be beneficial to you simply because there are many out there who are struggling with payroll and their company and your company could offer simple tips along the way. Remember, you may need a little extra help but the information you know can also be shared which can bring more profits to the company. A payroll service blog can be a good idea especially if you have an in-house team there to lend a hand.

Find Out Which Payroll Software Is Best

If you don’t want to start a blog for your company but rather need additional help, you could always get a few tips on what type of software you should be looking at. Remember, most companies have payroll services Australia doing things electronically, and that includes outsourced staff too; and it means you can find out which software will help you deal with payroll much more effectively. It will always be difficult to start a business and any little help from a blog could really give you a starting point.

What to Avoid

There are many common and simple errors to be made when it comes to payroll but these mistakes can cost you dearly. However, when you look at a payroll service blog, you actually find out what errors are more likely to be made and hopefully you can then avoid them. Taking the time to even read one or two blog posts about common errors may just allow you to avoid the simple mistakes.

Get Tips for Your Tax

Taxes are very popular talking points for blogs and if you need a little extra help somewhere, you should consider reading the blogs. They can actually help discuss matters that you are unclear of and help steer you in the right directions. Also, you can get a few reminders of staying ahead of tax deadlines and saving money and even getting any problem with taxes dealt with quickly. Payroll services Australia are complex but reading a blog may help.

Handling Your Employees Better

Blogs can even help you when it comes to dealing with tricky employees! That could be vital because as most know, dealing with an employee who makes things difficult is like hitting a brick wall! Blogs may just allow you to take control of the situation and ensure things are solved quickly but effectively. Everyone loves a happy employee so you should think very carefully about reading a payroll service blog every once in a while.

Learn Lessons and Make Life Simple

Sometimes, a helping hand really does prove useful. Most people hate dealing with complicated issues in business but when you read a few payroll blogs, you can actually find simple ways to deal with any problems or issues. You can also find out a lot of great information to help keep you on top of situations and keep your company fighting fit. Payroll services Australia can be complicated so don’t be afraid to get help from blogs.

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How to Avoid the Big Threat of Payroll Fraud?

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Payroll services Australia is very much needed but that doesn’t mean to say your company isn’t at risk from payroll fraud. Now, fraud is very much real and even though a lot of people don’t believe their company is at risk, you can never truly know. Catching the risk is never going to be easy but it may just allow you to save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money later. Avoiding isn’t going to be easy but it is possible; the following are a few suggestions that might just help your company avoid payroll fraud.

Check the Backgrounds of All Payroll Staff Carefully

The hiring process is usually a very lengthy one and a very tiresome too but it needs to be that simply because if you make a mistake when hiring, it could cost your company dearly. It is very important to do a basic background check on staff but for payroll staff, especially new members joining the team, it’s even more important to do precise and thorough background checks and reports. You need to look at previous employment positions, any legal cases they were involved in as well as their criminal history. To be fair, people have made mistakes in the past and can change; just ensure you feel happy with your payroll services.

Take Time to Double Check All Time Sheet Records with the Payroll

From time-to-time, say once every three months, you should look at payroll. You need to look at the worksheets of your employees, know how many hours they worked, including over-time, and double check to see if the time sheet matches up with the payroll records. This is important because if there is even one discrepancy there may be more. Now, if you want to avoid payroll fraud, you need to double check very single record with the payroll services Australia. Continue reading this!

Know Every Member of Staff on the Payroll

If you have a very large company of employees then it’s obvious you can’t know them all. However, if you have a smaller company with less than twenty employees, you need to take the time to get to know the people you’re working with. Usually, there is a gut feeling that tells you when something is wrong and if you get to know the people working for you, it could help avoid fraud. Though, if you have a large company, get to know your payroll services team instead because these are the people with the greatest access to payroll.

Get A Qualified Outside Accountant to Audit the Books Once Every Year

Ideally, you want to do a simple audit of the books. Doing this once a year or even once every six months, may just allow you to avoid fraud because if potential fraudsters see you have taken extra steps to protect the business, they are less likely to attempt anything. Also, the accountant can go through the payroll and ensure everything matches and there is nothing amiss or out of place. Your payroll services Australia may think this is odd but it could be a good way to avoid fraud occurring.

Do You Know Your Payroll Services Practices Well?

Companies are always going to be at risk of having a fraudster slip amongst the workforce and steal a great deal of money. However, there are still many steps to take to help reduce the risks and potentially avoid payroll fraud altogether. You need to remain extra cautious and vigilant at all times, especially when you are setting up a new business. Have the best payroll services Australia and hopefully you won’t be targeted by fraudsters.

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