Payroll Outsourcing Mistakes that people are making


Many people make big mistakes when they choosing payroll outsourcing companies for their businesses. So many business owners don’t really consider everything before they choose the payroll outsourcing company for their business. Here’s some of the mistakes people are making, when they choosing outsourcing companies.

The right qualifications

The most important thing that business owners doesn’t know, is the fact that payroll outsourcing companies like needs to be a registered BAS agent.

However, so many outsourcing companies aren’t registered as a BAS agent. This is the one thing that any business owner should make sure off. It is highly recommended that business owners should only make use of outsourcing companies that are BAS registered...


Part-Timers Are Not “Coverage”


Many experts believe that within a few years the U.S. will face a shortfall of 10 million workers, mostly in the frontline service sector. As a result, it is predicted that it will be increasingly more difficult to find employees willing to work for minimum wage or slightly more. There is good news though. More and more part-time workers will be available, thanks to changing beliefs, values, work and job preferences, social needs and retirees who don’t want to retire.

The biggest problem faced by this increasingly important group of workers, is the attitudes of their bosses, managers and full-time co-workers, who too often regard the part-timers contributions to the work-place as insignificant. Yes, part-timers are made to feel insignificant when in fact, the opposite is true...


Productive employees . . . born or made?


How do you know if you have a good person-to-position match-up? The obvious answer would be a happy, productive, engaged and motivated employee. If this is so simple then why are so many employees and employers unhappy with each other? The answer to this question begins with the employer’s awareness of the employees’ natural behavior and communication preferences. This awareness stems from believing that each employee is a unique individual with natural talents and abilities, and with one important common need: to be happy.

Matching people to jobs enables you to reduce the amount of “training” that an individual needs to get them up to speed in their job. Different products demand different behaviors to be successful in selling them and in relating to the customer buying them...


Retention… At What Cost?


I’m noticing a perilous situation in businesses. Employers are apprehensive of calling people to task and holding them accountable, even fearful of reprimanding poor performance. Managers are frequently ignoring behaviors, which in the past would be deemed unacceptable. As a result, employees are sensing they can “get away with things”. This is a result of the growing problem of talent shortage.

Here are some interesting discoveries from our recent research on employee engagement:

  • 92% say their company does not deal with poor performers
  • 44% leave their jobs due to co-workers disengagement

In my book “I Quit But Forgot To Tell You” I cite numerous examples of the effects of disengagement on customers – on managers – on productive employees. 76% of managers admit their sin...


Professional Payroll Services Vs Payroll Software – What Do You Need To Know

Professional Payroll Services Vs Payroll Software – What Do You Need To Know

Payroll services Australia is always going to be important but for thousands of business owners, they don’t understand what they need. Now, payroll isn’t actually a simple matter to deal with as there are lots of rules and regulations surrounding it. However, when you have employees on your books you need to choose the very best payroll option. Though, there are a few options to consider but what will be the best for you?

What Are In-House Payroll Services?

In-house payroll services are very popular for most businesses as it means there is less hassle about sending materials off. In-house payroll is handled by an in-house accountant usually and they deal with all financial matters with the payroll...


Payroll Taxes Vs Employment Taxes, What’s The Difference?


Payroll services cover a great deal of factors, though there are still issues that many struggle to deal with. One of the biggest problems for most has to be understanding the differences between employment tax and payroll tax. Now, these are actually very similar in terms but they could not be further away from one another. Confused, don’t be because they are actually very simple to understand once you know about them. So, what are the differences between payroll taxes and employment taxes?

Employment Taxes Explained

Employment taxes are simply what moneys or income tax is withheld from employees. However, the taxes will be matched in amounts by the employer so that it is an equal amount...


Top 7 Questions about QuickBooks Payroll Online

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Payroll outsourcing has fast become very popular for many businesses around the world. Large and small businesses always need that extra help when it comes to payroll because, let’s face it; this is the one area that has to run to clockwork. However, more and more people are using QuickBooks Online Payroll as their ground for paying the employees. It is being used more often and it has become very useful as well.

Is It Possible To Manage Payroll For My Company With QuickBooks?

Anyone can use QuickBooks to help manage their payroll. In fact, there are many options available here when it comes to dealing with payroll services...


Five Great Lessons You Can Learn From a Payroll Blog

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A payroll service within a company can be one of the most vital areas, yet when businesses hear the word blog, they assume it can only help increase their voice online. That isn’t exactly true because while your company can stretch out a voice and gain more attention, it can also help the company. Payroll blogs and blogs talking all about payroll services and techniques can help your company. These blogs can actually help give out valuable tips to help keep the business up and running and help the payroll go without a hitch.

Reaching More People

Blogs are great in many ways and one of the key factors for your company would be to offer up some advice of your own...


How to Avoid the Big Threat of Payroll Fraud?

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Payroll services Australia is very much needed but that doesn’t mean to say your company isn’t at risk from payroll fraud. Now, fraud is very much real and even though a lot of people don’t believe their company is at risk, you can never truly know. Catching the risk is never going to be easy but it may just allow you to save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money later. Avoiding isn’t going to be easy but it is possible; the following are a few suggestions that might just help your company avoid payroll fraud.

Check the Backgrounds of All Payroll Staff Carefully

The hiring process is usually a very lengthy one and a very tiresome too but it needs to be that simply because if you make a mistake when hiring, it could cost your company dearly...